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Discover the West End of Aarhus, 2nd largest city of Denmark.
Shopping mall City Vest ; clothing stores with different international and Danish brands . A german convienient store Lidl in the ground floor, a danish Føtex with a wide selection of womens clothing, books and electronics in the first floor. Two cash machines - one in the ground floor from Danske Bank and Lån & Spar on the first floor. A butcher, two kiosks, a hairdresser, sports shop and H&M.
The city of Brabrand. Small town with a main street : two second hand shops, one for men with furniture , TVs , DVDs and VHSs and one for women with clothing, kitchen and living room items and a small selection of litterature (remember to bargain prices), a sports field (Brabrand has a football team), a gym, a school, a post office  and a church.
Brabrand Lake. From Gellerup: Walk downhill along Louisevej. Marked as heritage area and cannot be developed. During weekends a good place to exercize running, bycicling, skating, roller blades. Park benches for relaxation along the paths. On the other side of the lake spare time housing with gardens for Danes.
Ghetto of Gellerup : five 8 storage concrete skycrapers with 1½-3-4-5 room appartments and ten 4-storage buildings in the same design. A public pool in the main area, a  sports field and a number of kindergartens and a school. Population: 8.000. Mostly immigrants on social welfare. A number of  ethnic associations. Increasing political interest in the area has resulted in a grand plan for the area to be carried out the next 10 years. At night, enjoy the lights over Aarhus Bay.
Gellerup Square. A community centre with a library with internet access for loaners (ask for a visit pass). Here you can find a wide selection of foreign music, a collection of films international and Danish. Public offices for unemployment and health for the local community. Opposite the library a public cafe with warm lunch for 50 DKK is open 9-14. A  modern church with activities is open most week days.


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